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Life Coaching Program

"How dare you settle for less when the world has made it easy for you to be remarkable?”
Seth Godin

Yes, I’m talking to you!! We each have a gift to share with the world and we’re doing no one any favors if we deny them to the world. Let go of playing small and believe that it’s time to live large!

Dr. Mimi provides premier life coaching programs created specifically for women who have reached the age of forty and find themselves needing to reignite, reinvent, and rediscover what is missing. You are no longer who you once were and not quite who you’d like to be.

Are You:

An Empty Nester? 
Retiring? Stuck?
Looking to Begin a Second Career? 
Just Ending a Relationship/Divorce? 

Living an Unfulfilled Life?
Living a Life that You’ve Lost Along the Way?
Rebuilding After the Loss of a Loved One?

My purpose and passion is to see WOMEN live lives that are absolutely FABULOUS!! This gives my heart an awesome feeling. I awaken each morning excited to begin my day full of inspiration and motivation. Allow me to guide you in making positive choices and changes which will empower you. I will inspire you to live the REST of your life as the BEST of your life with renewed passion and zeal. In other words, we’ll get your fire back.


A woman in love with life.
A woman who owns the wisdom, sensuality, and power of her own body.
A woman who passionately lives the life she was born to live.
A woman who sees the radiance in every woman, and the strengths in every man.
A woman who attracts love and depth because her heart would tolerate nothing less.
A woman who nourishes her body like she’s nourishing the earth.
A woman who owns her real beauty and the courage it took to get there.

Let’s look at you keeping your promises to yourself and stopping the self-sabotage.

There are several coaching/consulting packages to choose from. We will work together virtually, in person or on the phone. You will walk away with:

Transforming your mindset.
Discovering your unique inner compass – a tool for now and the future.
Stopping the juggling and start prioritizing.
Learning to trust the process.
Bringing forth your unique gifts and talents.
Understanding your life purpose.
Setting a clear path for your goals and dreams.
Feeling confident, powerful, and courageous.
Letting go of past hurts and limiting beliefs.
Connecting with other fabulous women and making new friends.

I am a Certified Life Coach with specialized training to help women achieve massive breakthroughs in their lives. One thing I know for a fact, is that you DESERVE to live a life of abundance and prosperity in every area of your life. As your coach/consultant/mentor, I help you soar like an eagle.

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